Volume 43, No. 2, 1994


Arbitrating Employment Discrimination Claims: Do You Really Have to – Do You Really Want to    
William M. Howard

The Common Law Employment-at-Will Doctrine: Current Exceptions for Iowa Employees
Tom Werner

The Evolution of the Implied Contract Exception to the Employment-at-Will Doctrine in Iowa: From Young to French and Beyond
Philip H. Dorff & Hugh H. Cain

The Aftershock of Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. in Title VII Discrimination and Hostile Environment Claims
Jeffrey M. Lipman & Brent C. Bedwell


Defining the Parameters of Supplemental Jurisdiction after 28 U.S.C. 1367
Elizabeth Delagardelle

Worker’s Compensation: Determining the Status of a Worker as an Employee or an Independent Contractor
Michelle M. Lasswell

The Peremptory Challenge: Substance Worth Preserving
Juli Vyverberg

Constitutional Law – Facially Race-Neutral Policies Governing Public Colleges and Universities Are Not Sufficient to Meet a State’s Affirmative Constitutional Obligation to Disestablish a Prior De Jure Segregated School System
Michael N. Dolich

Workers’ Compensation – Employee’s Allegation That Workers’ Compensation Insurer Terminated His Benefits in Bad Faith Stated Bad Faith Tort Claim against the Insurer
Michelle M. Lasswell

Constitutional Law – Tax Law Favoring Domestic Subsidiaries over Foreign Subsidiaries Is Facially Discriminatory and Violates the Foreign Commerce Clause
Angela Vanni