Volume 39, No. 4, 1989-1990


Iowa Surface Drainage Law and Groundwater Quality Protection: Is There Potential Landowner Liability for Plugging Agricultural Drainage Wells and Sinkholes
Neil D. Hamilton

Trustees’ Reasonable Expectations of Coverage for Environmental Liability: Old Insurance for New Problems
Kathryn E. Barnhill

Reasonable Rent and Opportunity Cost in the Family Farmer Bankruptcy Act
Nancy Hisey Kratzke & Thomas O. Depperschmidt

Insurance Issues in Hazardous Waste Cases
Joel R. Mosher


Standards of Review in the Iowa Appellate System: A Review, Critique, and Proposal for Standardization
Donald J. Koehler II


Civil Rights
Marne Brom

Criminal Law
Linda L. Hinton

Civil Rights
Brian Josef Reichel

Inverse Condemnation
Michael E. Gabor