Volume 36, No. 2, 1986-1987


Prior Restraint: A Rational Doctrine or an Elusive Compendium of Hackneyed Cliches
Jenneth J. Arenson

One Day in Court: Suggestions for Implementing Summary Jury Trials in Iowa
Celeste F. Bremer & Scott W. Simmer

Chapter 507C – The Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation of Insurance Companies in Iowa: Where No Person Has Gone Before     
Deborah Tharnish Craig & Kimberly K. Mauer

The Admissibility of Expert Testimony under the Iowa Rules of Evidence: Proffering and Resisting Expert Opinion              
Frank B. Harty


The Asset, Transfer Dilemma: Disposal of Resources and Qualification for Medicaid Assistance
Timothy N. Carlucci

Relief from Fraudulent Judgments in the Federal Courts: Motion to Vacate or Independent Action – Opposite Sides of the Same Coin
Robert Duane Sharp

Hazardous Chemicals – Right to Know in Iowa
Gregory W. Westbrooks


Constitutional Law
Alice Eastman Helle

Equal Protection
Michael Klein

Civil Rights
Jay H. Krulewitch