Volume 34, No. 2, 1984-1985


Legal Aspects of Farm Tenancy in Iowa                   
Neil D. Hamilton

Emerging Legal Issues Associated with the Application of Embryo Transfer Technology in Livestock Agriculture
J. W. Looney

Chapter 570A Crop and Livestock Lien Law: A Panacea or Pandora’s Box                 
Thomas J. Salsbery & Gale E. Juhl

Are FmHa Loan Entitlements Protected by the Due Process Clause
Terence J. Centner

Farmers Who Sell Mortgaged Farm Products and Don’t Tell; Buyers Who Buy Farm Products and Don’t Pay – An Electrifying Solution
L. Leon Geyer


Antitrust Action against Milk Marketing Cooperatives – Shaking up the Milk Industry
Carla Tolbert Cook

Agricultural Financing through Production Payments: Planning for Protection of Farmer and Lender          
Barbara A. Whitaker

The Family Farm Corporation: A New Setting for the Doctrine of Corporate Opportunity
Mary E. Waite


C. Andrew Schiederer

Jeffry S. Gilbert

Randy G. Sargent