Volume 32, No. 4, 1982-1983


The Antitrust Implications of Credit Insurance Tying Arrangements       
Donald J. Polden

The Norris Decision, Its Implications and Application
William D. Hager & Larry Zimpleman

Contribution from a Negligent Employer: A Problem in Search of a Solution       
Diane M. Stahle

Federal Pre-Emption of State Products Liability Laws and Limitations of the Strict Liability of Manufacturers
Ross A. Walters


An Insurer’s Bad Faith Refusal to Pay a Valid First Party Claim: A Tort Whose Time Has Come in Iowa
Patricia Gray Stegmaier

Section 85.20 v. the Dual Capacity Doctrine: Should Worker’s Compensation Always Be the Exclusive Remedy in Iowa
Mark Douglas Cahill


Limitation of Actions
Michael D. Roughton

Frank B. Harty

Constitutional Law
JoEllen J. Watts