Volume 32, No. 1, 1982-1983


Limited Partnerships – Iowa Style     
Edward R. Hayes

But We Were Born Free: The Racial and Sexual Quota as a Constitutional Bill of Attainder
David D. Butler

The New Iowa Criminal Code and the Opinions of the Iowa Supreme Court       
Kermit L. Dunahoo

Comments on Iowa Beef Processors, Inc. v. Miller – Extraterritorial Employment Injuries and Subject Matter Jurisdiction under Section 85.71(1)
E. J. Kelly


Late Filing of Federal Estate Tax Returns: Reliance on Attorney as Reasonable Cause
Deborah Ann Anderson

The Double Preclusion of U.C.C. Section 3-406: Duties of Case and Reasonable Commercial Standards   
Glenn S. Hansen

The Federal Rules of Evidence 803(1),(2),(3) as a Substitute in Iowa for the Res Gestae Exception To the Hearsay Rule
Elizabeth Hart


Constitutional Law
Thomas J. McCann

Mark D. Cahill

Robert Bennett Fischer