Volume 30, No. 4, 1980-1981


The Model Iowa Workers’ Compensation Act – Time for Change  
Harry W. Dahl

Problems of Workers’ Compensation Federalization
Keith C. Miller

An Overview of the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Act
Arthur C. Hedberg, Jr. & Phillip Vonderhaar

Occupational Disease Claims
Larry L. Shepler

Injuries Arising out of and In the Course of the Employment
Marvin E. Duckworth


Workmens’ Compensation for Heart Attacks in Iowa and In Its Bordering States
Storrs Downey

The Compensability of Recreational Injuries in Iowa: The Company Party/Softball Team Could Be Costly
Phil Dorff Jr.

Workmen’s Compensation: Credit or No Credit for Overpayment of Healing Period Benefits Against a Permanent Partial Award; the Search For an Equitable Answer
Robert A. Royal


Brian John Humke