Volume 26, No. 2, 1976-1977


The Iowa Grand Jury: Before and after the New Criminal Code
Gary D. Woodward & Gary A. Ahrens

Lifetime Gifts in Estate Planning under the 1976 Tax Reform Act
Don R. Castleman


Survey of Iowa Tax Law and Procedure – 1975-1976
Edward R. Hayes


The Allocation of Taxable Income between Husband and Wife
Sandra L. Bondy

Income Protection for Pregnant Workers
Christine Swanson Wilson

The Admissibility of Advisory Safety Codes in Iowa on the Issue of Negligence
Georgianne M. Riley

The Right To Keep and Bear Arms
John C. Santee


Constitutional Law
Bruce C. Santee

Constitutional Law
Toni Lee Bonney

Libel Case
Robert A. Mullen

Workmen’s Compensation
Judith Graves Higgs