Class Gifts in Iowa…..21:167

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In the Code We Trust—Some Trust Law for Iowa at Last…..49:165

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In re Estate of Lemke, 216 N.W.2d 186 (Iowa 1974)—A Testamentary Option Giving the Devisee a Right to Purchase Property Left by the Testator Is Personal to the Optionee and Cannot Be Exercised by His Heirs, Absent a Contrary Intent Expressed in the Testator’s Will or Provided by Virtue of the Antilapse Statute…..24:252

In re Estate of Wolfe, 208 N.W.2d 923 (Iowa l973)—Collision Insurance Proceeds Resulting from Accident Wherein Decedent Was Killed and Decedent’s Automobile, Which Was the Subject of a Specific Bequest in Decedent’s Will, Was Totally Destroyed, Pass to the Specific Legatee and There Is No Ademption of the Bequest of the Vehicle…..23:478

The Insurance Interest Requirement for Life Insurance: A Critical Reassessment…..53:477               

Judicial Treatment of Ambiguous, Mistaken, and Uncertain Testamentary Dispositions: An Analysis of Iowa Cases…..24:409

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Millwright v. Romer (Iowa 1982)—Beneficiaries Under a Will Are Charged With Knowledge of the Rule Against Perpetuities and for Purposes of the Discovery Rule this Imputed Knowledge Causes Their Legal Malpractice Claim Against the Drafting Attorney to Accrue at Testator’s Death…..32:1033

Newbury v. McCammant, 182 N.W.2d 147 (Iowa 1970)—The Remaining Unpaid Contractual Proceeds from the Sale, by Decedent, of Real Property Which Had Been the Supporting Realty of a Bequest of Proceeds of Property in Decedent’s Will Constitute Identical Property Which Decedent Intended Should Pass to Devisees and Such Remaining Proceeds Are Not Adeemed…..21:369

Pennsylvania Bank & Trust Co. v. United States (3rd Cir. 1979)—“Exercisable” in I.R.C. Section 2041 Refers to the Scope of the Power Set Forth in the Granting Instrument, Not to the Donee’s Actual Capacity to Exercise It, and Therefore, a Decedent’s Incompetency to Exercise His General Power of Appointment Is Immaterial for Estate Tax Purposes…..29:479

Planning for Administration of Estates and Trusts…..13:113

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