Volume 62, No. 3, Spring 2014


Duty Under Negligent Breach of Contract Claims
Megan Bittakis

Easy as P.I.E.: Avoiding and Preventing Vicarious Liability for Sexual Harassment by Supervisors
Blair T. Jackson & Kunal Bhatheja

The Legal Foundations for State Laws Granting Labor Unions Access to Employer Property
Nathan S. Newman

Iowa’s Animal Torture Law Following State v. Meerdink: A Call for Clarity and Enforcement
Danielle M. Shelton & Connor L. Wasson

The First Federalists
Wenona T. Singel


The Eighth Circuit’s Evolving Standard of Review in ERISA Conflict-of-Interest Cases: Past, Present, and Future
Danya M. Hooker

Can You Keep a Secret? The Court’s Role in Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Confidential Business Information from Disclosure in Litigation
Kyle J. Mendenhall