Volume 62, No. 1, Fall 2013


Defining “Sufficiently Serious” in Claims of Cruel and Unusual Punishment
George Bach

Shootings on Campus: Successful § 1983 Suits Against the School?
Susan S. Bendlin

The De Facto Merger Doctrine Revisited
Sheila A. Bentzen

The “Horse-Stealer’s” Trial Returns: How Crawford’s Testimonial–Nontestimonial Dichotomy Harms the Right to Confront Witnesses, the Presumption of Innocence, and the “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” Standard
Liza I. Karsai

A Burden on Candidates’ Associational Rights: Why Iowa’s Inter-Candidate Transfer Ban is Likely Unconstitutional
Colin S. Smith


Municipal Lifeguards: The Constitutionality of Condemning and Refinancing Underwater Mortgages
Jacob J. Lantry

Guidance from an Unlikely Source: Why a Hollywood Satire Can Help Resolve the Circuit Split over Whether Mandatory Graphic Cigarette Package Warning Labels Violate the First Amendment
David M. Ranscht