Volume 61, No. 2, Winter 2012


The Propriety of Considering an Attorney’s Ability to Pay Under Section 1927
Seth Katsuya Endo

The Locality Rule Lives! Why? Using Modern Medicine to Eradicate an Unhealthy Law
Marc D. Ginsberg

Protecting the Treasure: An Assessment of State Court Rules and Policies for Access to Online Civil Court Records
D.R. Jones

Between Due Process and Forgiveness: Revisiting Criminal Statutes of Limitations
Rinat Kitai-Sangero

To Err Is Human; to Cumulate, Judicious: The Need for U.S. Supreme Court Guidance on Whether Federal Habeas Courts Reviewing State Convictions May Cumulatively Assess Strickland Errors
Ruth A Moyer


The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf: A Proposal to Reform Packer-Feeder Laws in the Eighth Circuit
Michelle Moss

Goodbye and Good Luck:  Member Dissociation by Judicial Order Under Iowa’s Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
Patrick Shanahan