Volume 61, No. 1, Fall 2012


A Constitutional and Empirical Analysis of Iowa’s Administrative Rules Review Committee Procedure
Jerry L. Anderson & Christopher Poynor

Unilateral Attorney’s Fees Clauses: A Proposal to Shift to the Golden Rule
Jeffrey C. Bright

Disguising a New Exception to the Warrant Requirement: An Examination of the Consent-Once-Removed Doctrine and Its Hollow Justifications
John F. Decker & Kathryn A. Idzik

Freedom of Contract vs. the Right to Work: An Analysis and Some Thoughts on Iowa’s Covenant Not to Compete Law
Thomas W. Foley


Reconciling Privacy with Progress: Fourth Amendment Protection of E-mail Stored with and Sent Through a Third-Party Internet Service Provider
Spencer S. Cady

Knowledge Is Power: Reform of For-Profit Educational Institutions on an Individual and Institutional Level
Rebecca E. Reif