Volume 60, No. 3, Spring 2012

Lawyers, Judges, and Money:
Evolving Legal Issues Surrounding Spending on Judicial Elections

Hon. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Citizens United Impact on Judicial Elections
Erwin Chemerinsky
Rick Hasen
James Sample

The New Storm of Money and Politics Derail Judicial Retention Elections
Bert Brandenburg
Matt Berg

A Coin on the Tracks:  Can Big Money and Politics Derail Judicial Impartiality Through Election Spending?
Christine E. Branstad
David L. Phillips
Nathan A. Olson

The Futility of Contribution Limits in the Age of Super PACs
Anthony J. Gaughan

The Danger Inherent in the Public Perception that Justice is for Sale
Shira J. Goodman

Protecting the Administrative Judiciary from External Pressures:  A Call for Vigilance
Thomas A. Mayes

2010 Justice Kilbride Retention Election in Illinois
Whitney Woodward


Give us a Break:  The (In)Equity of Courts Imposing Severe Sanctions for Spoliation Without a Finding of Bad Faith
Linzey Erickson

Do These Genes Fit?:  The Gene as Subject Matter
Daniel M. Lorentzen