Volume 60, No. 2, Winter 2012


In Defense of the Jury Trial:  ADR Has Its Place, but It Is Not the Only Place
Hon. James E. Gritzner

Iowa Defamation Law Redux:  Sixteen Years After
Patrick J. McNulty
Adam D. Zenor

Traffic Ticket Reasonable, Cell Phone Search Not:  Applying the Search-Incident-to-Arrest Exception to the Cell Phone as “Hybrid”
Eunice Park

The Logic of Experience:  A Historical Study of the Iowa Open Meetings Law
Steve Stepanek

Warring Teammates:  Standing to Oppose a Coparty’s Motion for Summary Judgment
Jonathan A. Wolfson


The Ex Post Facto Clause and the United States Sentencing Guidelines:  The Guidelines Remain Mandatory in Defiance of Booker
David Briese

Scaling Back Section 230 Immunity:  Why the Communications Decency Act Should Take a Page From the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s Service Provider Immunity Playbook
Ryan Gerdes