Volume 60, No. 1, Fall 2011


History of the Iowa Court of Appeals
Hon. Rosemary Shaw Sackett
Hon. Richard H. Doyle

Carnival Games:  Walking the Line Between Illegal Gambling and Amusement
J. Royce Fichtner

State Laws Restricting the Operation of Risk Retention Groups
–Necessary Protection or Illegal Regulation
Vonda Mallicoat Laughlin

Public Construction Liens in Iowa:  A History and Analysis of Iowa Code Chapter 573
Stephen D. Marso

Prosecutorial Accountability After Connick v. Thompson
George A. Weiss


Relation Back–To the Future:
Conforming Iowa Rule of Civil Procedure 1.402(5) to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15(C)
Travis Armbrust

Double Standard and Facilitated Forum Shopping:  A Historical Approach to Resolving the Circuit Split on Copyright Registration Timing
Jonathan L. Kennedy