Volume 59, No. 3, Spring 2011


Sequestration for the Twenty-First Century:
Disconnecting Jurors from the Internet During Trial
Ralph Artigliere

Appearance Rates of Potential Jurors Who Confirm, Postpone, or Fail to Respond to Jury Summons: Are Postponed Jurors Saying “No” or “Not Now”?
Karen A. Berris

Increasing Juror Satisfaction:
A Call to Action for Judges and Researchers
Julianna C. Chomos, Monica K. Miller, Lorie L. Sicafuse, James T. Richardson, Clayton D. Peoples, & Hon. Celeste F. Bremer

Blood Sugar Sex Magik:  A Review of Postconviction
DNA Testing Statutes and Legislative Recommendations
Justin Brooks & Alexander Simpson

Twelve Angry—and Sometimes Alienated—Men:
The Experiences and Treatment of Lesbians and Gay Men During Jury Service
Todd Brower

Does Voir Dire Serve as a Powerful Disinfectant or Pollutant?
A Look at the Disparate Approaches to Jury Selection in the United States and Canada
Marie Comiskey

Systematic Negligence in Jury Operations:  Why the Definition of
Systematic Exclusion in Fair Cross Section Claims Must Be Expanded
Paula Hannaford-Agor

The Wrap Up of Wrap-Ups?
Controlled Insurance Programs and the Exclusive Remedy Defense
Chad G. Marzen


Guess My Weight: What Degree of Disparity is Currently Recognized Between Published and Unpublished Opinions, and Does Equal Access to Each Form Justify Equal Authority for All?
Brian T. Damman

The Effler Shot Across the Bow:  Developing a Novel Constitutional Claim
Under the Threat of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
Jeff Hicks