Volume 58, No. 3, Spring 2010


David L. Baker

Caperton’s new Right to Independence in Judges
Gerard J. Clark

Speaking from the Bench:  Judicial Campaigns, Judges’ Speech, and the First Amendment
Genelle I. Belmas & Jason M. Shepard

The Role of Public Opinion in the Debate over Recusal Reform
Bert Brandenburg

History of and Problems with the Federal Judicial Disqualification Framework
Richard E. Flamm

“The Legislature Must Save the Court from Itself”?:  Recusal, Separation of Powers, and the Post-Caperton World
William E. Raftery

Court Reform Enters the Post-Caperton Era
James Sample


Extending Gore’s and State Farm’s Promise of Fairness in Punishment to a Criminal Context
Ricardo N. Cordova

Jumping the Gun:  Iowa’s Swift Adoption of Minority Impact Statement Legislation Points to Other Problems Within the State’s Criminal Justice System
David A. Rossi