Volume 58, No. 1, Fall 2009


The Government’s Ten Commandments:  Pleasant Grove City v. Summum and The Government Speech Doctrine
Blake R. Bertagna

Advertising to Children and the Commercial Speech Doctrine: Political and Constitutional Limitations
M. Neil Browne, Lauren Frances Biksacky, and Alex Frondorf

Reconsidering Remedies for Ensuring Competent Representation in Removal Proceedings
LaJuana Davis

Autonomy and Accountability in the Law of Contracts: A Response to Professor Shiffrin
Steven W. Feldman

The Coronation and Banishment of “Vicarious Liability” as the Unifying Principle of Iowa Implied Indemnity Law
Patrick J. McNulty


Working Women Suffering Infertility Treatments: Does the ADA or Title VII Offer Any Protection?
Teresa M. Abney

Of I.C.E. and Mens Rea:  Illegal Immigration and the Knowledge Requirement of the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act
Sean C.H. Flood