Volume 57, No. 4, Summer 2009

Global Perspectives on Religion, the State, and Constitutionalism


Religion, the State, and Constitutionalism in Islamic and Comparative Perspectives
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im

The Widow’s Torment:  International Religious Freedom and American National Security in the 21st Century
Thomas F. Farr

Religious Freedom and Israeli Law
Frank S. Ravitch

Religious Freedom, Church Autonomy, and Constitutionalism
Richard W. Garnett

Diversity and the Constitution in India:  What is Religious Freedom?
Laura Dudley Jenkins

Religion and Law in France:  Secularism, Separation, and State Intervention
T. Jeremy Gunn


The Dangers of Eyewitness Identifications and the Need for Change in Iowa
Erica A. Nichols

Courts Misinterpret “Stay Put” Provision of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act:  Did Congress really Intend to Take Services Away from Children with Disabilities?
Valerie Boland