Volume 57, No. 3, Winter 2009

Assessing the Values of Punishment: The State of Sentencing in the United States Criminal Justice System


Robert W. Pratt

Improving Guidelines Through Critical Evaluation: An Important New Role for District Courts
Lynn Adelman & Jon Dietrich

Into the Twilight Zone: Informing Judicial Discretion in Federal Sentencing
Mary Kreiner Ramirez

Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines By Any Other Name:  When “Intermediate Structured Sentencing” Violates Blakely v. Washington
Bradley R. Hall

Rationale Enough to Punish, But Too Irrational to Release:  The Integrity of Sexual Offender Civil Commitment
Jason A. Cantone

Article so He Huffed and He Puffed . . . But Will the Home(stead) Fall Down?:  The Applicability of Sec. 522(P)(1) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to Varying Code to Varying Interest Accumulations of the Debtor in Homestead Property
Gloria J. Lidell & Pearson Lidell, Jr.


No Comprende, No Justice: An Analysis of Applying Hearing Exceptions to Interested Statements and the Impact on Iowa’s Increasingly Diverse Residents, Workforce, and Justice System
Joseph S. Powell

Let’s See Some I.D.—A New Proposal For Voter Identification in Iowa
Adam Gregg