Volume 56, No. 4, Summer 2008

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SYMPOSIUM:  The Forgotten Constitutional Amendments


Mark S. Kende

Constitutional Cadenzas
Daniel A. Farber

Three Myths of the Ninth Amendment
Kurt T. Lash

The Golden Mean Between Kurt & Dan:  A Moderate Reading of the Ninth Amendment
Randy E. Barnett

The Fourteenth Amendment:  Recalling What the Court Forgot
Michael Kent Curtis

Congressional Enforcement of the Rights of Citizenship
Rebecca E. Zietlow

Mr. Justice Miller’s Clause:  The Privileges or Immunities of Citizens of the United States Internationally
David S. Bogen


Inconsistent Legislation, Interpretation, and Application:  Iowa’s Dramshop Act and its Failed Purposes
Bradley M. Strouse

The Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Actions in Iowa:  No Longer Forcing Patients to “Play Doctor”
Christian P. Walk