Volume 56, No. 2, Winter 2008


The Supreme Court’s Confusing State Sovereign Immunity Jurisprudence
Scott Fruehwald

Consumer Class Actions After CAFA
Allan Kanner & M. Ryan Casey

Takings and Trespass:  Trespass Liability for Precondemnation Entries
Ann M. Burkhart

Permit Schemes:  Under Current Jurisprudence, What Permits are Permitted?
Nathan W. Kellum

Competition Law and Copyright Misuse
John T. Cross & Peter K. Yu


Blindsided (Again):  Iowa Hospitals’ Abuse of the Hospital Lien Statute and What Has Been Done to Correct It
Daniel L. Saar

SYMPOSIUM:  Risk and Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century

The Dynamics of Legal Risk
Philip K. Howard

When Bad Companies Happen to Good People
Marc R. Stanley

Risk, Responsibility, and the Role of Government
David A. Moss

Embracing Risk, Sharing Responsibility
Tom Baker

Defining, Measuring, Managing, and Facing Risk
Thomas Root

Acceptable and Unacceptable Risk:  Anticipation and Accountability
Thomas J. Vilsack