Volume 56, No. 1, Fall 2007


A Summary Judgment Is Not a Dismissal!
Bradley Scott Shannon

The Section 67 Question: Are Fees for Investment Advice Fully or Partially Deductible by Trusts?
James F. Loebl

Customer Service Rules: When a Company Cannot Hire or Retain a Mentally Ill Employee with Severely Limited Interpersonal Skills
Samantha Mortlock

With A Poster Case Like the Trial bar’s, Who Needs Enemies?: A Product Liability Claimant’s Odyssey
Jeffrey O’Connell & Tim Hagen

Asset Protection (For the Rich and Not) in Iowa
David M. Repp


Suspicionless Terrorism Checkpoints Since 9/11: Searching for Uniformity
Kyle P. Hanson

Living in a Party World: Respecting the Role of Third Party and Independent Candidates in the Equal Protections Analysis of Ballot Access Cases
Amber J. Juffer