Volume 55, No. 4, Summer 2007


Mark S. Kende

How the United States Constitution Contributes to the Democratic Deficit in America
Sanford Levinson

Reflections of a Participant on American Democracy and the Constitution
Thomas J. Vilsack

More Democracy, Less Constitution
Saikrishna Prakash

The Hydraulics of Constitutional Reform:  A Skeptical Response to Our Undemocratic Constitution
Heather K. Gerken

The Many Uses of Federalism
Donald L. Horowitz

Can We Make the Constitution More Democratic?
Ilya Somin & Neal Devins

Sanford Levinson


A Man’s Right to Choose:  Searching for Remedies in the Face of Unplanned Fatherhood
Adrienne D. Gross

Premature Emancipation:  Disempowering College Parents Under FERPA
Joey Johnsen