Volume 55, No. 3, Spring 2007


Foreword: The Legacy of Republican Party of Minnesota v. White: Judicial Independence, Judicial Selection, and the First Amendment in the Post-White Era
Talbot D’Alemberte

An Opportunity for Leadership is Lost
Kevin S. Burke

Impacts of White
Roy Schotland

An Alabama Case Study:  Reforming Judicial Selection After Butler v. Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (and Republican Party of Minnesota v. White)-Where Do We Go from Here?
Howard P. Walthall, Sr.

Online Campaigning in 2006 State Supreme Court Elections
C. Scott Peters

Free Speech for Judges and Fair Appeals for Litigants:
Judicial Recusal in a Post-
White World

Thomas R. Phillips & Karlene Dunn Poll

An Announce Clause by Any Other Name:  The Unconstitutionality of Disciplining Judges Who Fail to Disqualify Themselves for Exercising Their Freedom To Speak
James Bopp, Jr. & Anita Y. Woudenberg


Daubert’s Bipolar Treatment of Scientific Expert Testimony:  From Frye’s Polygraph to Farwell’s Brain Fingerprinting
Megan J. Erickson

Cinderella’s New Dress:  A Better Organizational Option for Churches and Other Small Nonprofits
Sarah J. Hastings