Volume 55, No. 2, Winter 2007


Achieving Accountability for the Greatest Crimes:
The Legacy of the International Tribunals

Stephen J. Rapp

From Nuremberg to Kosovo:
Two Iowa Judges Step Outside Their Jurisdiction to Promote International Law

Larry J. Eisenhauer

Change and Continuity in Attorney-Client Confidentiality:
The New Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct

Gregory C. Sisk


Forty Years of Unscheduled Workers’ Compensation Awards for Complex Regional
Pain Syndrome and Its Predecessors in Iowa Courts:
When Will Medical Evidence, Legislative Intent, and Common Sense Finally Prevail?
Shannon M. Bielski

A Liar by Any Other Name?
Iowa’s Closing Argument Conundrum

Claire Gagnon

Not in My Neighborhood: The Fight Against Large-Scale Animal Feeding Operations in
Rural Iowa, Preemptive Tactics, and the Doctrine of Anticipatory Nuisance

Ryan Teel


Insurers’ Rights of Subrogation Against Tenants:
The Begotten Union Between Equity and Her Beloved

Aleatra P. Williams