Volume 55, No. 1, Fall 2006


Immigration Reform Fuels Employment Discrimination
Natalie Prescott

Error Preservation in Civil Appeals in Iowa:
Perspectives on Present Practice

Thomas A. Mayes & Anuradha Vaitheswaran

Clearly Erroneous Review Is Clearly Erroneous:
Illinois v. Gates and Advocating De Novo Review for a Magistrate’s
Determination of Probable Cause in Applications for Search Warrants

Drey Cooley

The Law of Contribution and Tort-Based Indemnity in Iowa
Jeffrey A. Stone

The Power of Law Firm Partnership:
Why Dominant Rainmakers Will Impede the Immediate, Widespread
Implementation of an Autocratic Management Structure

Matthew S. Winings


Eighth Circuit to Battered Kenyan: Take a Safari
Battered Immigrants Face New Barrier When Reporting Domestic Violence
Laura Jontz

Plain Error? The Supreme Court’s Refusal to Resolve the Circuit Split in
Booker Pipeline Appeals and the Resulting “Geographic Crazyquilt”
Amber K. Rutledge