Volume 54, No. 4, Summer 2006

The Role of Courts in Social Change


Mark S. Kende

Courting Disaster: Looking for Change in All the Wrong Places
Gerald N. Rosenberg

Philosopher King Courts:
Is the Exercise of Higher Law Authority Without a Higher Law Foundation Legitimate?

John C. Eastman

Sexual Orientation, Social Change, and the Courts
Jane S. Schacter

Some Observations on the Role of Social Change on the Courts
Gerald Torres

The Role of Courts in Social Change: Looking Forward?
Mark V. Tushnet


Estate Tax Consequences of Revenue Ruling 2004-64:
Silence in Grantor Trusts Is Anything but Golden

Bradley M. Beaman

Capturing the Dialogue:
Free Speech Zones and the “Caging” of First Amendment Rights

Joseph D. Herrold