Volume 54, No. 2, Winter 2006


Caucus Mediation—Putting Conciliation Back into the Process:
The Peacemaking Approach to Resolution, Peace, and Healing

Richard M. Calkins

Another Case in Lochner‘s Legacy, the Court’s Assault on New Property:
The Right to the Mandatory Enforcement of a Restraining Order
Is a “Sham,” “Nullity,” and “Cruel Deception”

Christopher J. Roederer

Rationalizing Complete Preemption After Beneficial National Bank v. Anderson:
A New Rule, a New Justification

Garrick B. Pursley


Does My Health Insurance Cover It? Using Evidence-Based Medicine and
Binding Arbitration Techniques to Determine What Therapies Fall Under
Experimental Exclusion Clauses in Health Insurance Contracts

Joseph B. Clamon


A Study of the Effectiveness of Mandated State Contraceptive Coverage
in Iowa and Missouri and the Case for a Federal Law

Katie Ervin Carlson

Miss-and-Run Accidents and the Physical Contact Requirement:
An Unfair Advantage for Insurance Companies in the
Insurance Capital of the Heartland

Meredith C. Nerem

For Better or for Worse? The Iowa Supreme Court’s Decision to Compensate
the Innocent Coinsured Spouse in
Sager v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Benjamin M. Parrott