Volume 53, No. 3, 2005



The New Importance of Maximum Penalties
Jeffrey Standen

Evaluating Brady Error Using Narrative Theory: A Proposal for Reform
John B. Mitchell

Texas: Tough on Murderers or on Fairness?
Kenneth Williams

Multiple Cultures, One Criminal Justice System:
The Need for a “Cultrual Ombudsman” in the Courtroom

William Y. Chin

The Law and Restorative Justice: Friend or Foe?
A Systemic Look at the Legal Issues in Restorative Justice

Mary Ellen Reimund

How to Talk Crimey and Influence People: Language and the Politics of Criminal Justice
Peter Loge


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: State Attempts to Banish Sex Offenders
Michael J. Duster

Ruse Drug Checkpoints: How the Government’s False Advertising
May Diminish Your Fourth Amendment Rights

Travis Johnson

Tort Reform: Would a Noneconomic Damages Cap Be Constitutional,
and Is One Necessary in Iowa?

Michael P. Murphy