Volume 52, No. 4, 2004

Wrongful Convictions Symposium


Convicting the Innocent in Capital Cases: Criteria, Evidence, and Inference
Hugo Adam Bedau, Michael L. Radelet and Constance E. Putnam

Preventing Wrongful Convictions – A Current Report from Illinois
Thomas P. Sullivan

Heeding the Lessons of History: The Need for Mandatory Recording of Police Interrogations to Accurately Assess the Reliability and Voluntariness of Confessions
Steven A. Drizin & Marissa J. Reich

The North Carolina Actual Innocence Commission:
Uncommon Perspectives Joined By A Common Cause
Christine C. Mumma

Correcting Miscarriages of Justice: The Role of the Criminal Case Review Commission
David Kyle

The Structure, Operation, and Impact of Wrongful Conviction Inquiries:
The Sophonow Inquiry as an Example of the Canadian Experience
Richard J. Wolson & Aaron M. London

Wrongfully Convicted: A No-Win Situation for the Victim
Dan S. Levey

Justice Still Fails: A Review of Recent Efforts to Compensate Individuals
Who Have Been Unjustly Convicted and Later Exonerated
Adele Bernhard

Investigation, Discovery, and Disclosure in Criminal Cases: An Iowa Perspective
Robert R. Rigg


Hog Wild: A Look at he Issue of Meatpacker Ownership of Livestock at the Federal and State Level
Steve White

School Vouchers: A Solution to an Educational Crisis or
Impermissible Government Involvement in Religion?
Hannah M. Rogers