Volume 52, No. 2, 2004


“First Principles” and the Misplacement of the “Wall of Separation”:
Too Late in the Day for a Cure?
James J. Knicely

Course of Performance as Evidence of Intent or Waiver: A Meaningful
Preference for the Latter and Implications for Newly Broadened Use
Under Revised U.C.C. Section 1-303
Jack M. Graves


Mandatory State Interventions for Domestic Abuse Cases:
An Examination of the Effects on Victim Safety and Autonomy
Nichole Miras Mordini

Fathering a Child from the Grave: What Are the Inheritance Rights of
Children Born Through New Technology After the Death of a Parent?
Kayla VanCannon

A Call for IRS Guidance in Drafting Tax Liability Divorce Clauses in
Anticipation of Innocent Spouse Litigation
Ron Youde