Volume 49, No. 3, 2001


A Symposium Précis
Thomas E. Baker

Architecting Innovation
Lawrence Lessig

“The Free Use of Our Faculties”: Thomas Jefferson, Cyberspace, and the Language of Social Life
David G. Post

I-Commerce: Tocqueville, the Internet, and the Legalized Self
Jeffrey Rosen

A Roundtable Discussion with Lawrence Lessig, David G. Post and Jeffrey Rosen
Moderated and Edited by Thomas E. Baker

A Bibliography of Online Resources on the Law of the Internet
Compiled by the Drake Law Review


Taxataion of Electronic Commerce: Avoiding an Inroad upon Federalism
Brian Fagan

Finding the Fact of Familiarity: Assessing Judicial Similarity Tests in Copyright Infringement Actions
B. MacPaul Stanfield