Volume 48, No. 2, 2000


Why Federalism Matters

The Honorable Clarence Thomas
Associate Justice
Supreme Court of the United States


The Search and Seizure of Computers:
Are We Sacrificing Personal Privacy for the Advancement of Technology?

Stephan K. Bayens

Grandparent Visitation Law Grows Up:
The Trend Toward Awarding Visitation Only When the Child
Would Otherwise Suffer Harm

Joan Catherine Bohl


Cruella De Vil, Hades, and Ursula the Sea-Witch:
How Disney Films Teach Our Children the Basics of Contract Law

Michael A. Baldassare


First Amendment Protection from Mandatory Subsidization of
Political Speech in Public Colleges and Universities:
The Marketplace Just Got a Lot Less Expensive

David E. Frank

100 Years of Double Jeopardy Erosion:
Criminal Collateral Estoppel Made Extinct

Charles William Hendricks

Wall of Separation or Path to Interaction:
The Uncertain Constitutional Future of School Vouchers in Light of Inconsistent
Developments in Judicial Neutrality Between Church and State

Danielle Jess Latham