Volume 47, No. 4, 1999


A Practitioner’s Guide to Litigating Punitive Damages after BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore
Daniel M. Weddle

When Does the Clock Start Ticking – A Primer on Statutory and Contractual Time Limitation Issues Involved in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims
Jeffrey A. Kelso & Matthew R. Drevlow


Managed Care Regulation and the Physician-Advocate
Bethany J. Spielman

Textualism Gone Astray: A Reply to Norris, Davison, and May on Hedge to Arrive Contracts
Edward M. Mansfield

The ADA Prima Facie Plaintiff: A Critical Overview of Eighth Circuit Case Law
Thomas Simmons


The Supreme Court’s Improbable Justifications for Restriction of Citizens’ Fourth Amendment Privacy Expectations in Automobiles
James A. Adams


Judicial Approaches to Stipulated Judgments, Assignments of Rights, and Covenants Not to Execute in Insurance Litigation
Justin A. Harris

Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters: Re-Examining the Right to Recapture
Todd C. Barsumain