Volume 47, No. 1, 1998

Constitutional Law Symposium: The Role of Freedoms


The Role of Freedoms: An Introduction to the Symposium
Kevin W. Saunders


Control Freaks
John H. Garvey

Constitutional Remedies and the Morality of Governmental Action: A Response to Garvey
Barbara E. Armacost

Good God, Garvey – The Inevitability and Impossibility of a Religious Justification of Free Exercise Exemptions
Larry Alexander


Stating the Obvious: Protecting Religion for Religion’s Sake
Gregory C. Sisk

Freedom to and Freedom from: A Response to Garvey and Armacost with a Tinge of Legal Perfectionism
Steve Sheppard

Plurality, Autonomy, and the Right to Take One’s Life
Johanna Meehan

Response to Professor Garvey
Dennis J. Goldford

The Role of Freedoms: A Reaction
Don Racheter


Settlement Class Actions and Mere-Exposure Future Claimants: Problems in Mass Toxic Tort Liability
Daniel M. Weddle

Who Controls International Trade – Congressional Delegation of the Foreign Commerce Power
Theresa Wilson

Sports Broadcasting in an Era of Technology: Superstations, Pay-Per-View, and Antitrust Implications
Ivy Ross Rivello