Volume 46, No. 4, 1998


Emotional Distress Damages and the Tort of Insurance Bad Faith
John H. Bauman

The ERISA Amendment Provision as a Disclosure Function: Including Workable Termination Procedures in the Functional Purpose of Section 402(b)(3)
James E. Holloway


Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment under Title IX: The Legal and Practical Issues
Kathy Lee Collins


Competing Other Insurance Clauses under Iowa Law: A New Direction
Gregory S. Bailey

Bestowing the Key to Public Education: The Effects of Judicial Determinations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act on Disabled and Nondisabled Students
LaDonna L. Boeckman

Inhouse Defenders of Insureds: Some Ethical Considerations
David N. May

Viatical Settlements: An Explanation of the Process, an Analysis of State Regulations, and an Examination of Viatical Settlements as Securities
Jennifer A. Lann