Volume 45, No. 2, 1997


Theme III: Agri-Business: The Way Ahead

Reaping What We Have Sown: Public Policy Consequences of Agricultural Industrialization and the Legal Implications of a Changing Production System
Neil D. Hamilton

Preservation of Family Farms – The Way Ahead
Steven C. Bahls

Risk Sharing down on the Farm: A Comparison of Farmer Bankruptcy and Insolvency Statutes – or – Selling the Farm
L. Leon Geyer

Feudalism Unmodified: Discourses on Farms and Firms
Jim Chen & Edward S. Adams

United States Agriculture Production Financing: Sources, Legal Rules, and Controversies
Keith G. Meyer

French Agricultural Law and Diversification
Louis Lorvellec

Diversifying the Farm Enterprise: Alternative Land Use and Land Tenure Law in the UK
Christopher P. Rodgers


Turning the Key: Ensuring Evidentiary Privileges as Labor Counsel
Leeann R. Gruwell Anderson

AIDS Behind Bars: Judicial Barriers to Prisoners’ Constitutional Claims
Sarah E. Frink

The Continued Folly of the Innocent Spouse Defense: Is It Viable
Ted S. Biderman