Volume 45, No. 1, 1997


Theme 1: Land Use and the Environment 

Why Is the Jeffersonian Moment So Enduring
David A. Myers

Habitat and Species Conservation in the European Union and the United States
Margaret Rosso Grossman

Constitutional Jurisprudence in the Eyes of the Beholder: Preventing Harms and Providing Benefits in American Takings
John S. Harbison

Common Agricultural Policy Quotas and the Environment
Michael Cardwell

Land Tenure Arrangements for Nature Conservation in the UK
Jennifer M. Bishop

Theme II: Pollution Control, Agriculture and Agri-Business

Controlling Agriculture Nonpoint Source Pollution: The New York Experience
Ruth A. Moore

Employing Best Management Practices to Reduce Agricultural Water Pollution: Economics, Regulatory Insitutions, and Policy Concerns
Terence J. Centner, Jack E. Houston, Clemens Fuchs, & Jurgen Zeddies

Biomass Energy: An Agricultural Role in Pollution Control
Allan M. Richards

A Comparison of US and UK Law Regarding Pollution from Agricultural Runoff
Staci J. Pratt, Larry Frarey, & Andrew Carr

Legal Approaches to the Prevention of Agricultural Water Pollution in England and Wales
William Howarth

Set-Aside and Environmental Protection
Neil Hawke


Carpal Tunnel Workers’ Compensation Claimes in Iowa
Scott Green

Has Title IX Delivered an Air Ball to Coaches of Women’s Athletics
Laura J. Koplin

After a Decade, the Pendulum Swings Back: An Examination of the History and Practical Implications of the 1993 Amendments to Rule 11
Eric R. Thiessen