Volume 44, No. 3, 1996

Symposium on the Evolving Jurisprudence: Changing the Law for a Changing Profession

David S. Walker & Stephen G. Hoag

Enterprise Liability for Bad Outcomes from Drug Therapy: The Doctor, the Hospital, the Pharmacy, and the Drug Firm
Barry R. Furrow

The Professional Capabilities and Legal Responsibilities of Pharmacists: Should Can Imply Ought
David B. Brushwood

The FDA’s Perspective on the Future of Pharmacy
Justina A. Molszon

Scope of Medication Use in the United States and Attendant Issues
Henri R. Manasse, Jr. & Hong Xiao

A Comparison of Empirical Studies of Pharmacy Practice with Judicial Descriptions
Paul G. Grussing

The OBRA 90 Mandate and Its Developing Impact on the Pharmacist’s Standard of Care
Kenneth R. Baker

A Traditional Legal Analysis of the Roles and Duties of Pharmacists
David W. Hepplewhite


All Is Not Fair In War: The Need for a Permanent War Crimes Tribunal
Dennis J. Mitchell

Doing the Right Thing for Profit: Markets, Trade, and Advancing Environmental Protection
Jonathan Scott Miles