Volume 43, No. 4, 1995


Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage for Amounts Awarded as Punitive Damages in a Suit against the Tortfeasor: Delving into the Dilemma Created by Diverging Public Policies and Private Interests
Alan I. Widiss

Insurer Insolvencies and Guaranty Associations
Kent M. Forney

Will Life Insurance Purchasers Ever Be Provided with Enforceable Consumer Friendly Disclosures
David J. Stein Sr.

Life Insurance Trusts in the Estate Plan             
William Sidney Smith & Joan M. Denton


Insurers’ and Courts’ Response to High Dose Chemotherapy with Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant in the Treatment of Breast Cancer: A Tragedy or Necessity
Peter J. Thill

Property Insurance and the Innocent Coinsured: Was It All Pay and No Gain for the Innocent Co-Insured
Rachel R. Watkins Schoenig

Exclusions for Owned but Not Insured in Uninsured Motorist Provisions – What Are States Really Driving at in Their Decisions
Shannon M. McDonough