Volume 43, No. 1, 1994


The Road to Brandenburg: A Look at the Evolving Understanding of the First Amendment
John F. Wirenius

The Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Activities
John Warren Kindt

Addressing Juror Stress: A Trial Judge’s Perspective  
James E. Kelley

Living with Miranda: A Reply to Professor Grano         
Martin H. Belsky


Keynote Speech
Janet Reno


The Conservation Reserve Program and Its Effect on Farmers Filing Bankruptcy
Christine D. Bakeis

Alleging a First Amendment Chilling Effect to Create a Plaintiff’s Standing: A Practical Approach
Michael N. Dolich

Forum-Selection Clauses in Iowa: Re-Evaluation of the Iowa Position in Light of Carnival Cruise Lines
Jeffrey T. Mains

Evidence – The Prosecution Is Not Required to Produce the Four Year Old Victim of a Sexual of the Child Are Admitted under the Spontaneous Declaration and Medical Examination Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule
Elizabeth A. Delagardelle

Constitutional Law – Equal Protection Clause Prohibits Criminal Defendants from Using Peremptory Strikes to Exclude Jurors on the Basis of Race
Mark L. Greiner

Eminent Domain – Loss of All Economically Beneficial Use of Real Property Constitutes a Taking within Meaning of Fifth Amendment Unless Principles of State Property and Nuisance Law Give Rise to Restrictions on Land’s Use
Bradley J. Horn

Habeas Corpus – The Cause and Prejudice Standard, Rather Than the Deliberate Bypass Standard, Is the Correct Standard for Excusing a Habeas Petitioner’s Failure to Develop a Material Fact in State Court Proceedings
David S. Steward