Volume 42, No. 1, 1993


Forever Jung: Psychological Type Theory, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Learning Negotiation
Don Peters

Federal Transfer Tax Treatment of Actuarial Appreciation    
James P. Spica

Criminal Procedure in the 1960s: A Reality Check
Stephen A. Saltzburg

Contract Obligation: A Discussion of Morality, Bankruptcy, and Student Debt             
Arthur Ryman


Physician Responsibility and the Right to Death Care: The Call for Physician-Assisted Suicide
Jennifer L. Hoehne

Liability for Passive Disposal of Hazardous Substances under CERCLA
Rita H. McMillen


Environmental Law
Jeffrey W. Coverdell

Constitutional Law
Michael K. Jacobsen

Constitutional Law
Eric A. Roberts

Constitutional Law
Debra L. Scorpiniti