Volume 41, No. 4, 1992


Toward the Exclusive Right to Market Innovative Insurance Products: The Use of Intellectual Property Law in the Business of Insurance
Bruce W. Foudree & Peter K. Trzyna

What’s Wrong with the ERISA Vacuum: The Case against Unrestricted Freedom for Employers to Terminate Employee Health Care Plans and to Decide What Coverage Is to Be Provided When Risk Retention Plans Are Established for Health Care
Alan I. Widiss & Larry Gostin

The Rights of Policyholders in an Insurance Demutualization  
Edward X. Clinton

Should an Insured Be Rewarded for Not Reading the Policy     
John Dwight Ingram


Establishing a Total Quality approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution for Insurers
Kimberly McCandless


Confusion over Conflicts of Interest: Is There a Bright Line for Insurance Defense Counsel
Sharon K. Hall

Theories of Concurrent Causation for First-Party Property Damage Insurance: Past Decisions and Future Opportunities
Terrence P. Sheehan

What Duties Does a Primary Insurer Owe an Excess Insurer in the Conduct of Settlement Negotiations under Iowa Law
Jeanie Kunkle Vaudt


Environmental Law
Lori K. Geadelmann

Mark Lowe