Volume 41, No. 2, 1992


Parents’ Loss of Consortium Claims for Adult Children in Iowa: The Magical Age of Eighteen
Timothy D. Ament

Why Do We Teach so Much about so Little in the Jurisdictional Component of Civil Procedure (Or: the Shoe Doesn’t Fit – We’ve Been Railroaded)       
David McCord


The Iowa Supreme Court’s Child Support Guidlines: Toward an Effecient, Equitable, and Predictable Method of Determining the Amount of Child Support
Penny R. Heaberlin

State Authority to Regulate Gaming within Indian Lands: The Effect of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
Linda King Kading

Blowing the Whistle on the Employment At-Will Doctrine
Venessa F. Kuhlmann-Macro


Constitutional Law
Joseph A. Cacciatore

Administrative Law
James W. O’Brien

Constitutional Law
Kent M. Peterson

Constitutional Law
Diana Spahr