Volume 40, No. 4, 1991


Foreword: The Iowa Business Corporation Act
David S. Walker

Iowa Business Corporation Act: Division I, IV, V, and XV
Allen Welsh

Duties of the Board of Directors under the Iowa Business Corporation Act
Edgar F. Hansell, Bradford L. Austin & Gregory B. Wilcox

Dissenters’ Rights and Fundamental Chances under the New Iowa Business Corporation Act
Donald J. Brown & M. Daniel Waters

Conducting Corporate Business and Meetings under the New Iowa Business Corporation Act
James L. Krambeck & Jeffrey M. Lamberti

Stock of a Corporation: Issuance of Shares, Distributions to Shareholders, and Corporate Dissolutions in Iowa
Gary J. Streit

The Iowa Business Corporation Act: Corporate Governance through the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
C. Dana Waterman III & Edmund H. Carroll, Jr.

Organizing a Corporation under Iowa’s Business Corporation Act
James C. Wine


The Scope of the Disciplinary Rules Prohibiting Ex Parte Communication in a Corporate Context
Jon S. Herreman