Volume 40, No. 3, 1991


Design Defect Litigation in Iowa: The Myths of Strict Liability
Keith Miller

Genetic Testing and Insurance: Apocalypse Now
Robert Lowe

Appalachian Electric Revisited: The Recapture Provision of the Federal Power Act after Nollan and Kaiser Aetna
Catherine R. Connors


Demise of the Beamed Transfer Theory – A Result of Legislative Ambiguity
Keith Buck

Of Rum, Rights and Rico: Are Plaintiffs Intoxicated with the Power of Civil Rico – What Is Falling Victim to the Statute
Curtis Roggow

Fourth Amendment Standing After Katz, Iowa Cases Analyzed
Ward Rouse


Constitutional Law
Michael W. Briggs

Civil Procedure
Valentino J. Panizzut

Civil Rights
John Wetherell

Antitrust: Predatory Pricing
William L. Worden