Volume 39, No. 1, 1989-1990


Foreword: The Evolving Concepts of Employment Law
John R. Phillips

Employment Torts: Emerging Areas of Employer Liability
Frank B. Harty & Thomas W. Foley

Employment at Will in Iowa: A Journal Forward    
Brent Appel & Gayla Harrison

The Tort of Bad Faith Arising from Workers’ Compensation Matters – A Rumbling Volcano
Marvin E. Duckworth

The Iowa Second Injury Fund – Time for Change
Harry W. Dahl

Compensable Suicide – Is Sponatski out and Chain of Causation In
Judith Ann Higgs


AIDS in the Workplace: A Handicap under the Rehabilitation Act
Coreen K. Sweeney

Employment at Will in Iowa: Is It the Rule or the Exception
Brad D. Holmstrom

Tulsa Professional Collectional Services v. Pope: Analysis and Application by the Courts
Stephanie G. Sarcone

Juror Bias Undiscovered during Voir Dire: Legal Standards for Reviewing Claims of a Denial of the Constitutional Right to an Impartial Jury
Dean A. Stowers


Premises Liability
Fae Elaine VanOrsdel

Premises Liability
Donna M. Somsky