Volume 38, No. 4, 1988-1989


W. Ward Reynoldson

Judicial Evolution: The C. Edwin Moore
F. H. Becker

Serving with Chief Justice C. Edwin Moore
David Harris

Service with C. Edwin Moore
William C. Stuart

Chief Justice Moore and His Law Clerks
David L. Brown


Movement and Countermovement
Associate Justice Supreme Court of the United States, Harry A. Blackmun

Professionalism and Procedure: Notes on an Empirical Study
David S. Walker

Ten Years with the Iowa Criminal Code
John J. Yeager

The Grammar of Advice and Consent: Senate Confirmation of Supreme Court Nominees
Madeline Morris

Law Review Authors and Professional Responsibility: A Proposal for Articulated Standards
Robert M. Jarvis

The Problems of Disabled Justices: Supreme Court Deaths and Resignations: 1865-1900
David N. Atkinson


Defining the Power of Federal Judges in Pretrial Litigation: Where to Draw the Line
James Benzoni


Internal Revenue
Stephanie G. Sarcone

Affirmative Action
Mary S. Bernabe

Dean A. Stowers